non-fire-thumbnailUtilizing the latest technology, CougarShield™ have developed products are non-flammable and non-combustible. At normal room temperatures, flammable liquids can give off enough vapour to form burnable mixtures with air. As a result, they can be a serious fire hazard. Flammable liquid fires also burn very fast and give off a lot of heat and often clouds of thick, black, toxic smoke; which is tremendously dangerous. Being non-flammable meant that CougarShield™ products provides its users a reduced chance of injury and improved equipment protection. Its non-flammable trait also allows a wider range of use and more storage options for our distributors and dealers.

CougarShield™ products’ non-flammable trait allows it to be transported anywhere in the world without the need for special flammable materials packaging, shipping and storage. Our products can be shipped easily via standard air travel and packaging, and could be stored in standard storage conditions. This prevent unnecessary costs to be spent on such arrangements, which translates to monetary savings on shipping and packaging, allowing our network to provide CougarShield™ products to the consumer at its most efficient cost.