CougarShield™ DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

CougarShield™ DVR (Digital Video Recorder) helps to preserve and protect the legal rights of drivers. CougarShield™ DVR records crystal crisp visuals in Full HD 1080p in 30 fps (frames per second). Covering a wide angle of 120° with a 17mm aperture, CougarShield™ DVR also features automatic ISO; preventing over exposure while filming. Built with a 2.4inch TFT HD Screen, it allows the viewing of recorded videos wherever required.

An effective in-car DVR provide visual proof of unruly behaviors of other road users such as people crossing of roads rampantly, irresponsible bicycle riders, thoughtless motorcycle and other automotive users disobeying traffic regulations. This valuable evidence is helpful for proof of innocence and processing automotive insurance claims in the unfortunate event of an accident. In addition, also allows relevant law enforcement to process these situations faster and more accurate.

An installed in-car DVR also provides a check for other road users, reminding them to obey regulations as they are filmed and monitored for illegal or irresponsible acts. Additionally, it also protects you from possible insurance and staged accident scams, and provides a deterrent to intentional criminal or vandalism acts.