COUGARSHIELD™ Partners with INFINITI During Holy Month of Ramadan

Every INFINITI car sold in Oman during the Ramadan month will be coated with CougarShield’s™ Nano Titanium, Water-based Paint Protection by Ozone Oman.

June 06, 2017 – CougarShield’s™ strategic partner in Oman, Ozone Oman is pleased to announce that a key luxury car brand, INFINITI has chosen CougarShield™ to be its exclusive car paint protection brand during the holy month of Ramadan in Oman.

After a stringent selection process, CougarShield™ emerged as INFINITI Oman’s preferred Paint Protection for its Ramadan promotion. With this initiative, every INFINITI car sold in Oman during the Ramadan month will be coated with CougarShield’s™ Nano Titanium, Water-based Paint Protection by Ozone Oman.

“It is our honor that a key luxury car brand like INFINITI has chosen CougarShield™. We congratulate our Omani partner, Ozone Oman’s efforts to build a great foundation for the CougarShield™ brand in Oman through their solid reputation in providing excellent workmanship in environmentally friendly car care protection.” said CougarShield’s™ Commercial Director, Vincent Soh.

Ozone Oman is the first and only company in Oman to provide a new category of water based, VOC-free car paint protection system using CougarShield’s™ Nano-Titanium coatings. Since its introduction into the Omani market, Ozone Oman have served many satisfied car owners, INFINITI being one of the latest luxury car brands to embrace this new environmentally friendly technology.

“We will continue to do our part for the environment by choosing industry-leading technological green products like CougarShield™ that benefits our customers and preserve the environment at the same time.” said Ozone Oman’s Managing Director Alaa Jarrar.


About CougarShield International

CougarShield International is headquartered in Singapore, and is renowned for its proprietary Nano Titanium coatings. When applied onto surfaces of automotive or buildings, CougarShield™ coatings forms a protective layer that protects and maintains the original condition of the coated surface, provides superb properties such as gloss enhancement, hydrophobic water barrier protection as well as superior hardness, and expansion & contraction adaptability. Water-based and non-toxic, CougarShield’s™ unique water-based formulation is also eco-friendly with no negative impact on the environment.


About Cardinal Film

Cardinal Film is a leading automotive service provider with premium products and solutions such as solar control film, automotive grooming, and paint protection coatings. Through its innovative product offerings such as the premium Cardinal Tuxedo; Seven window films, and CougarShield™ coatings, Cardinal aims to provide the best automotive aftermarket service to its customers throughout Thailand.



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