Our Support Teams_


Technologies are a vital part of our DNA. We leverage our research capability to develop high performance car care products that are environmentally friendly, safe to use and easy to apply. With cutting edge facilities and dedication to speed, new innovations can be unveiled regularly to benefit our partners. Cougar Labs™ is our in-house lab that ensures consistent product performance with every production, and work on developing new innovative products for our lineup. It also spearheads certification projects and provides technical help to all our network partners.
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Design is at the heart of every work crafted by Cougar Studio™. Our in-house designing agency creates every visible expression of the CougarShield™ brand, both offline and online. Strategic experts in global branding and integrated communication into the smallest detail. Translating and editing a thousand things into a singular and inimitable brand story.
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Recognizing the importance of knowledge acquisition and retention in today’s competitive landscape, Cougar Academy™ develops specialized modules and coaching materials aimed at professional and skills development. CougarShield™ partners benefits from exclusive access and training on topics not restricting to key market knowledge, technological & technical know-how, as well as sales & marketing techniques.
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